“Two People Crazy”

     must either from where I started talking about this, certainly not of their birth because I do not know where yes is born.  Without length let us get acquainted with a man with long hair, mustache and has a long beard, Holler “BARKAH AZHARI” (22th) is usually called (Barkong), and with short hair a bit curly, not the mustache and beard, His name, “HARRY SURYA RIZQY” ( 22th) is usually called (kybo), despite their age the same, but they both have different skills, we start from Barkah Azhari (Barkong) true of its author, once he was an IT in a place karoke famous but it was just a cover, in fact for yes working as IT. He also wrote and researched what he wrote her the issue of “Mother & Child” and entitled “ANTARA“, which God willing will be born this year, Amin.

    And not just a writer he was also one of the founders and Production Owner and Organizer five of his colleagues in 2015 until today, call it “BEBASART” which produces; Frame of recycling (artboard), weddings, gatherings (reunion), manual printing and screen printing, and address at Jl.Lele 5 RT 05/05 24 Bambu Apus-Pamulang. Less like that story of the Barkah Azhari (barkong) this.

   And the next “HARRY SURYA RIZQY” or (kybo), which I know yes naughty at school but yes. likes to paint it once did, over time turned into a canvas and brush the screen, too, turned into tech pen, I call him the expert “DIGITAL IMAGING” danger right.

 More crazy again at the age of 22th this highly labile (for identity), yes’ve found what you are looking for, quite encouraging.

 Age is still fairly Youth Kybo the House already has a production which he named “RUMAH JENAKA” the contents of various types of services; SVKT (laundry shoes), Photography, Videography, Digital Prints, and a plain shirt, Advocat that “Coming soon” complete the empty space in the Rumah Jenaka is located at Jl K.H. Naim 2 No. 3, Its Crazy yes.


  And I si do not envy them, in fact I want many many thanks to them, because they both motivates me, that was his only piece of meat to move somewhere and not have the skills, now I feel not like it anymore, I’ve thinking human being would be brought where my body is, and has little toxicity, little is also important no problem can. Hehe

With the sciences that they have, they do not hesitate reluctant to spill it all to me, and do not know what was the one I had to reply to them both.

•Created by; Harry Surya Rizqy/

•Created by; Barkah Azhari /


Rumah Jenaka / Cipete, Selasa (31/01/2017)  11;55 WIB


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